How do I adopt an animal from the Humane Society?

If you are interested in adopting any of the animals available through the Humane Society, download our adoption application, fill it out and email it to applications@ashlandhumane.org 

Are there any programs for spay/neutering my pets?

Any local veterinary clinic can spay/neuter dogs and cats. The Humane Society brings the RASCAL unit to Ashland once a month to offer low cost spay/neuters on an appointment basis. More information on that is available under the Spay and Neuter tab.

What are the fees for adopting a Humane Society pet?

Currently our fees are $100 for a cat/kitten and our dog/puppy fees vary. These fees help offset the cost of spay/neuter, vaccinations, disease testing, worming, and microchipping.

Can I surrender my animal to the Humane Society?

We are an organization currently without a building, operating solely out of foster homes and the MANCI Cell Dog program. This unfortunately limits the number of animals we are able to take in from time to time. Our focus is to assist with animals that are "in danger". If you find you must surrender your animal, here are some things you should know.

How do I register my pets with Ashland County?

Dog licenses can be purchased at the Auditors office, the county Dog Shelter, and several convenience stores in the area. But the best way to attach an identity to your pet in case of loss/theft is microchipping. All animals that come into the HSAC are microchipped prior to adoption. If you have a pet that was not adopted through the HSAC and would like to have him/her chipped, many vets in the area will do so, and it is also a service offered at RASCAL.